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(Archived) Yet another request for better formatting in Evernote

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I have been an avid user of Evernote for more than a year now, and it is the perfect solution for my notebooking needs as a doctor

However, I am not too happy about the formatting, I like using the bulleted/numbered list function, but in evernote this adds a lot of (IMHO) unnecessary blank space (margin) at the top and bottom of the list, breaking up the note and making it near impossible to get a compact note, I still have to fall back on using '-' to make my bulleted lists...

I would very much like to see the possibility of defining ones own CSS style (on application level, note level, or preferably both), which should be eminently doable considering that the note format seems to be based on html (the export format and the editor on the evernote web interface is, would be little point in using a different format internally...), which I wager is then displayed in the application using a standard WebView/WebBrowser control that will easily support CSS.

So, I will submit my request for implementation of style (or at the very least fixing the annoying space before and after lists) along with the numerous previous request for the same thing...


Tor Pedersen

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hi tor. welcome to the forum. glad to have your input!

it would be really cool if we could do something with css. i don't know enough to say how this could be implemented. i do know, though, that it is not quite html that they are using. here is a link to more information on enml if you are interested.


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Using the good old utility Spy++, which lets you peek inside the workings of running applications, I can see that the note is displayed in a CefBrowserWindow, that is a GUI-component giving the app a Chrome (more precicely a Chromium Embedding Framework) HTML renderer UI control ("window").

So yes, the basic note format as it is displayed is indeed HTML, Evernote has created an overlay format ENML containing a safe subset of HTML, while prohibiting unsafe content like applets, scripts, html forms (which could point to any site on the web), but the basic display format is indeed HTML and binding some CSS style to the note and injecting this into the displayed HTML content would do the job of styling notes very nicely indeed...

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