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Latest Skitch Update Brings Parental Controls


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Parental controls

Skitch for iPad is great for easily communicating your ideas with colleagues and teammates. It’s also a fun, kid-friendly app, perfect for sketching and marking up images. In this update, we added several parental control options that allow users to disable the browser, location and photo features. To access the parental controls, tap on the “i” on the homescreen, then tap on the Restrictions tab.


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I agree to allow parental restrictions in the Evernote app.  This is a huge problem for our company.  Will be considering Evernote alternatives unless this gets resolved.  I love Evernote otherwise.

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I would love to see this in Evernote - all evernote apps. Even though you would be servicing a minority of users, some of us users have no evernote products on our phones because of this feature. I for one would LOVE to see all EN products have some form of parental controls, or the ability to shut off direct links and force to open Safari. Here's another discussion about this:



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I completely agree. I wish they had parental control options and the option to lock down notebooks/notes with a password. When setting a password they should allow the user to create hint to help them remember their password should they forget and create some form of recovery option if the password is forgotten. I would also like the see them allow an icon or photo to be used for a notebook or note so that any photos within a notebook/note isn't seen unless that specific notebook or note is opened. This provides a level of privacy for those notes when working in Evernote around people.

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You notice that you are answering to a thread that is now nearly 7 years old.

It went cold in 2013, and nobody felt an urge to comment since - now.

Many things have changed since. If you want to promote a feature, better start a request in the appropriate forum. It offers other users a chance to give their view and vote for it. 

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