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Quickly add multiple tags to a note using keyboard only - Mac client



When adding a new note, I want to be able to click in the tags field with the mouse, start typing a tag, accept one of the autocomplete tags and then start typing the next tag.

Currently, to accept an autocompete tag I press the tab key. This however take the focus away from the tags field so I have to use the mouse to click the tag field again before typing the next tag. This slows up the process of quickly adding a note.

Does anyone know how to keep the focus on the tag field after accepting an autocompleted tag?

And is there a keyboard shortcut to take you straight to the tags field of a note?

Thanks :)

Evernote Mac client Version 3.0.6 (221382)

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Currently, to accept an autocompete tag I press the tab key.

Press the RETURN key instead of the TAB key.

This enters the tag and positions you to start typing another Tag.

Press the TAB key when you are ready to move to the NEXT field on the form.

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For what it's worth, you can also press the comma "," key to accept an autocomplete and continue with the next tag. But try to stick to the return key instead (not comma), because comma doesn't work that way on Evernote's web interface. Return does.

By the way, JM: Thank you thank you thank you! Your suggestion also works on the web interface! I am using the web interface a lot at work, knowing only of comma to move on to the next tag, and there, comma does not accept the autocompletion. It was driving me nuts, having to click the field after each tag. I will try to change my habit to using return consistently. You made my day.

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It may be worth working toward consistency across all clients.

Agreed, on a related issue:

In the Mac client, when adding tags to a note in the tag field, tag names are auto-filled only from the beginning of the names. That is, if I have tags in my account called "Name 1," NameOfThisTagIsOneWord," and "Tag Name Three," when I start by typing "nam" into the tag field, the drop-down menu gives me the options of "Name 1" and "NameOfThisTagIsOneWord," but not "Tag Name Three"

In the Chrome clipper, tag names are auto-filled from any part of the names. That is, with the example of the three tags above, when I start by typing "th," the clipper suggests "NameOfThisTagIsOneWord" and "Tag Name Three," even though "th" does not start either tag and appears in the middle of a word in one.

In the web client, tag names are auto-filled only from the beginning of any words they contain. In the same example of those three tags, searching "th" only pulls up "Tag Name Three," since "th" begins one of the words contained in the tag.

I don't know how other clients do this, but I find it difficult that the three clients I use have three different ways to auto-fill tag names. If these could be made the same across clients, regardless of which auto-fill pattern they use, that would be helpful for me (and, I imagine though I won't speak for, other users who regularly use different clients).


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