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(Archived) Feature request: Share Note Link


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This would be a giant step toward me being able to morph evernote into a GTD program. For my application it would be one step shy of giving reminders to the notes directly in evernote.

One of my biggest applications for evernote is to use it to store customer and sales leads information. I need to set reminders on when to follow up with these people and then always append the note after my follow up (even if I only get their voice mail). Currently there is no user friendly way to do this. The current evernote Android share feature only shares the URL to calendars and the URL takes a long time to load on my phone (too long to make it of any use). In addition, I don't know of any way to append the note from the URL.

Either setting reminders for my customers and sales leads directly in evernote or sharing a note link to my calendars which would take me directly to my note would be extremely useful for my application.

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I totally agree but would like to add a note.

A shared note with only a note link is perfect but a share option using a tag could be even better? Simplenote has this feature and it would be awesome if you could adopt this.

Simplenote has the option to add a tag to a note by using an e-mail address format in it. If the simplenote system detects an e-mail address format in the tag, it wil send an e-mail to that address with only a note link in the body and the note title as subject (perfect for mails to GTD systems).

The same e-mail feature could also implemented to the share options in a notebook. So if I drag notes a notebook, evernote will sends a mail for each note. The same flow could be accomplished by using thirdparty online tools like zapier.com. They offer the option to monitor a evernote notebook and triggers on new notes. After a trigger it will fire an e-mail when it does. please note that zapier is in beta and can struggle with stability (not so good for a system you have to trust)

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