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(Archived) Delete items off my To Do List

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Not sure which OS you are using.

In Windows, I just use the backspace key to erase the text, but if the checkbox is checked, I don't need to delete anything.

When the checkbox is checked, it means the task has been completed or the grocery item has been purchased.

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But if you just leave them there the list gets longer and longer for no reason! :-) I think I will backspace from now on. Yes, I am on Windows and have an iPhone. Thanks for the help.

I would not recommend that practice (adding to the note every week). Evernote is more powerful if you complete your shopping (all the boxes are checked), then start a new note with the new items you need next week.

There are some nice apps for mobile devices which specialize on the art of grocery shopping. I prefer Grocery Gadgets


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I am new to EN - I created a shopping list with the check boxes. How do I delete the items I checked without deleting the entire Note?

I find it frutrating that EN doesn't have this featrue either.



For To Do lists as one example, it would be nice to have a feature that deleted an item that was checked or moved it to a completed page of items.

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