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(Archived) How Should My Wife and I Share our iPad?

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I've been using EN for almost two years and am about to set my not-so-techie wife up with her own account -- she's decided she wants to digitize the family recipes handed down to her from her Mom and Nana -- a box full of 3x5's and scraps of paper.

I have MY EN installed on my laptop, and she'll have her's on HER laptop -- I'm not expecting much confusion there.

But, how will it work on the single iPad 2 that we both share? I alreadxy have the EN app on the tablet. Do we somehow have to set up a 2nd install? ...or is this the sort of thing where we use the single app but must log in individually?

Sorry, I know this is most likely a REAL NEWBIE question. But, like I said, my wife is non-tech and for years I was the only one in the house who would even TOUCH a compouter so I never had to mess around with multiple user accounts logins and such. I'd dive in and just try to go on this but I've recently had some sync problems with EN and so am a bit gun-shy about creating trouble.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!


Bristol, Maine USA

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don't share an ipad :)

they aren't created for multiple users, which is why they only have a single user setting. you could login and logout all the time with evernote, but that is a pretty clumsy thing. sorry. the ipad 3 ought to be out soon :)

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If she shared her notebooks with you, then when she loads up evernote on your ipad (using your account), should would be able to view her notes. If she had a premium account, she could give you modify rights, meaning she could edit her notes using your account on the ipad.

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Maybe in the future they will allow multiple users on an iPad specific version of iOS, at least just for settings, but who am I kidding? They'd never close the door on the popular concept of "just buy a second one!". Heh.

It makes me realize that we're lucky the laptop market isn't being geared toward proprietary laptop versions of Windows/Apple that allow one user account per machine.

In my opinion something like a laptop sized (and priced) tablet should made to easily share without sacrificing usability, so having at least a basic settings/accounts profile to swtich between would be nice.

Maybe Android will break that barrier in the future?

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