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Crocheting help???

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Wow -- no one has replied?

Ravelry is a great community with lots of instructions and patterns, some free, some small fee to designer. Knitting and crochet.

Lion Brand Yarns has a helpful website, blog, and weekly emails, featuring their products and many free patterns.

Craftsy is a relatively new site offering instruction in various crafts.

Hope this helps for starters.

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I had same thought floatingshift... There are sooo many clips on YouTube that have helped me. If you search for "mikeyssmail" you should find heaps of his patterns and how-to's.

Ravelry was the best for me, but I'm also used to the English terminology... :D

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Somehow I missed this post! I have also been thinking I would like to learn to crochet and just don't have the time to take any classes right now. While I learned to knit from a class many years ago, my knitting has improved by leaps and bounds by using Ravelry and YouTube (with Ravelry usually linking to great YouTube videos or posts mentioning techniques that I search for on YouTube). YouTube is like a rabbit hole! Once you find one technique, the list of other "similar videos" on the side provides more and more amazing things!

Let me know if you find any videos that you find especially helpful. I'll do the same!

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I am kinda late to this discussion, but wanted to share in case anyone else came along that might benefit.


I've been learning via a free series of online classes from "The Crochet Crowd" at www.thecrochetcrowd.com.  Someone earlier mentioned Mikeyssmails and The Crochet Crowd is the updated version of that.  They also have apps for iphone and android and a great Facebook page.  I've been really struggling with some concepts, but after I watch his videos a couple of times I've got them down.  


Do check it out.

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So sad to see that the crafting thread related to Evernote has basically died.  I would be LOST in my crafting with out Evernote.


I am a crocheter and I use EN to store my patterns, video tutorials and all sorts of resources to help me with my projects.


I also have an inventory list of crochet hooks and knitting needles and eventually plan to set up an inventory of my yarn stash (BIG PROJECT...LOL).


Additionally, I keep a portfolio of finished projects in Evernote to remember my work and show to people.  I even have a list of "projects I want to do" to keep me focused when I have time to start a new "work in progress".


So crafters where are you????  Let's get this thread moving again!

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