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(Archived) Long-time user of Skitch with hundred of files



Just installed Skitch for iPad..

I have loved Skitch and used it on my Mac for probably 8 years. I have hundreds of files.skitch on the computer.

Does anyone now if old Skitch files can be linked to Evernote account instead of using the skitch.com account .. Or is it only a new version of Skitch on the iPad links to Evernote.. I am a bit scared to install the new Mac App Store version of Skitch in case I lose the old application and access to my hundreds of Skitch files on the Computer... Does anyone know how this all works??

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i also wonder about that. why can't i chose evernote from the sharing options in skitch? that would be real integration - and i don't care for haveing my stuff split between en and skitch. thats kind of the point of en - to have all in one place, right?

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