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Hi All....Looking for some guidance....I am a server hardware engineer....On a daily basis I have to complete a time sheet that shows what I have done for that day....The Timesheet is called DAR & is a spreadsheet.

however I create a note for each day to list what I have done...Example below



Replace HDD - 150399-001


Test Build

Wipe Device



Order 146GB HDD - 406474-001



Order System Board

That's my example

I am looking for a way to organise these, make them easy to import some of the data into the DAR Spreadsheet. Also, I would like to be able to easily search the Asset ID(SL123456) to be able to check if I have previously worked on it & search the part number(150399-001) for the same reason...See how many I have ordered

Any guidance in this area would be appreciated. I am new & hoping to try and use Evernote more

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Hi - as you're a tech I assume you will have access to the web or the desktop client and this data isn't being entered via something mobile? In which event why not make a note of each item you deal with as you process it? You can then use a search on dates to turn up all notes made with a specific tag on a specific date. You can export these notes to html to get all the information in one place, then just cut and paste into the timesheet. You'll need to experiment with layout so the text is in the right format for your timesheet, but all your searches can be done within Evernote and results collated by exporting the note content.

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Unfortunately, the input is performed on Iphone/Ipad...Reason for this, is my site doesnt allow access to evernote on the WEB or to install the desktop client...I then forward that days DAR as an email to my work address, to allow cut and pasting into the spreadsheet...

Is it possible to create a DAR template with a cells that would allow cut and pasting easier into a spreadsheet from the email...

Something like

Cell 1 - SL123456

Cell 2 - Diags

Cell 3 - 19

That way rather than individually cut & pasting each piece of information, i could grab all three cells and drop straight onto the spreadseet.

I was thinking of then using the Asset(SL123456) as a tag, so I could search on a tag....My only concern with that is that my tags could become unwieldy.....I am working on approx 10 different assets everyday...so theoretically after 1 month, I would have 200 tags.....

can tags be allocated to just one notebook? so if i created a DAR notebook...The Assets(SL123456) which would be my tags would only be available in that one notebook

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Sounds like you'd be better off using email as your primary tool rather than Evernote, though EN would act as backup and future look-up..

What I mean is: you can send emails from your mobile device. Send your daily task as a comma-separated (CSV) email - to take your examples, these three would be separate emails:

  • SL123456,Diags,Replace HDD - 150399-001,Diags,Test Build,Wipe Device
  • SL987654,Diags,Order 146GB HDD - 406474-001
  • SL656768,Diags,Order System Board

Your mails go to your own email address + your Evernote address. (You can specify which notebook, which tags if you want extra references here)

Collating your daily DAR would be a question of copying the CSV line from each email into a text file and saving it as .CSV, then importing the whole into your spreadsheet.

Finding previous jobs would be a search in Evernote - no need to tag the notes, a search for "SL987654" (without quotes) would find all the notes in which it appears.

Your only questionmark is how to deal with entries like the first line with multiple diags. If you want all that in one box in your spreadsheet, try a ";" separator instead of commas.

For reference.. https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/547/Adding-content-to-Evernote-using-email

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you could enter everything in a way that would make it more easily transferred into an excel file. try this:

test cell 1 / test cell 2

test cell 3 / test cell 4

save that as a text file (obviously, you could also send this as an email or better yet, use a text editor on the ipad that saves your note to dropbox, but you need to save it as a text file at some point). open the text file with excel. it should ask you questions that will allow you to indicate that the forward slash (you could use tabs or some other thing as well) indicates a cell separation. now, you can easily copy and paste from that excel file to your official one.

in other words, entering it all this way should make it possible for you to copy and paste just once instead of multiple times.

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