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Feature Request: In-note linking for mobile app



It would be great to be able to link notes within eachother on the mobile versions. I use this feature a lot but mobile access is usually the only access I have and I don't like having to create a shared note to get a clickable link in another note. Not only is it a privacy issue, it's messy looking. Also, the ability to copy whole notes on mobile connection would be greatly appreciated. You know what it's like trying to drag a stylus or finger down a long passage of text. Not fun. But seriously, in-note linking would make my Evernote experience much less of a hassle. Thanks!

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You and quite a few others would like this.

A higher and higher percentage of folks are doing what once were computer tasks on their mobile devices...me included!

This is would provide a major increase in functionality to the mobile platform.

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Yes, exactly rockky.

Another mobile feature that is lacking is the ability to merge notes. And I just realized, not only can we not make note to note links on the mobile app, we can't do it on the Webbsite, either! I am a Linux user, so I am already restricted mainly to the mobile app and occasionally the Webb interface, as Nixnote is not a very user friendly desktop option. With so many people these days doing the majority of their work via mobile platforms, I wonder why Evernote has been so slow to implement these small, yet extremely significant features; features that help to make Evernote stand out in a sea of cloud based note taking systems. It's like any relationship - it's the little things that count, baby!

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Yes, this would be great. I use note links to Evernote documents in my calendar events to have access to agendas and documents I need for meetings, travel confirmations, etc. Being able to access these on mobile devices would be incredibly useful. Thanks!

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