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(Archived) HELP: Evernote doesn't use default browser



I'm looking to change the browser that Evernote uses to complete a search. I've set Chrome as the default browser. However, in Evernote when I right click on a word and click on "search with Google" it will open up a safari window. But if I click on a hyperlink in the same note it will open up a chrome tab. Bug or am I missing something?

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sigh... are you trying to shush me again jm?

i am obviously talking about osx, as this function (to my knowledge, there is no mouse to right click on the ipad) does not exist in ios.

EDIT: i see now. i mistakenly said "baked into ios" when i meant to say "osx". my comment stands: i believe this may be something beyond evernote's control.

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