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(Archived) Feature not located: Local Netbooks on same wifi

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Didn't see this feature available.

Local notebooks don't seem to be available on eg. iOS devices when they are on the same network.

That is the benefit of a local notebook. Security - can't be accessed easily from other devices. And it is not exposed to the cloud.

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Thanks for your replies.

The scenario where I would see this useful is when you are using a mobile device on the same network as where the local notebook was created.

Example: You have created a Local Netbook on a Mac and added Personal documents. You can then use your iPad etc within the same network only, to access these documents. As soon as you leave the local wifi, EN doesn't see them. It adds some flexibility in accessing information that resides with you anyway.

Presumably Evernote on the mobile device would need to be able to access the EN database folder rather than sync with the server.

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Evernote has stated they have no plans to make any local/device to device syncing.

No, we don't plan to ever implement client-to-client synchronization.

So like I said, if you wanted to access data from local notebooks, you should use something like Logmein from your mobile device. I do this quite often from my iPhone and iPad. A side benefit of Logmein is that I don't even need to be on the same network.

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I see. Yes I understand the Logmein option, although I am not sure if this method connects via the logmein servers. I wouldn't consider it if this is the case, especially since I am only accessing a folder on my own server. I could just use any other file browser and point it to it.

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