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(Archived) REQUEST: Cmd-O to open first file attachment



I have a suggestion for a feature that I'm sightly amazed doesn't exist yet: A Note > Open Attachment menu item, bound to Cmd-O. This would Open the first attachment in the current note in the default external program. This would be equivalent to using "Open" from the attachment's context menu. I like context menu items for useful but infrequently-used tasks, but I am constantly stashing various file attachments in Evernote and frequently want to get at them in a "proper" viewer/editor app. This ranges from using Preview/Skim for PDFs, to apps like OmniGraffle, Photoshop, etc.

The workflow I envision is:

  1. Search for item in Evernote (e.g. via the global shortcut key)
  2. Select the correct note from the results, as needed.
  3. Hit Cmd-O.



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