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(Archived) HOWTO: Print multiple (merged?) notes




I'm new to Evernote. I'm really enjoying the app, but cannot find a way to print multiple notes in clean way.

I'd love a "export selected notes to pdf" option, but in its absence I'm trying to find a way around it.

I have tried merging a notebook to one note and printing that to pdf, but this creates really ugly headers between the notes and doesnt seem to handle notes with pdfs very well at all. I'm printing receipts for my accounts, so the order in which they are printed is also crucial (sorted by title = appendix/invoice nr).

Appreciate tips and ideas :)


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Did you ever get an solution to this? I've got exactly the same issue and need to print a merged note PDF (10 notes) into a single PDF. I'm finding that printing to PDF does separate PDFs.



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A bit late but I came along the same question. I did the following trick:

  • select the merged note
  • right click
  • then 'save attachments' to a temporary created folder (on your desktop for example)
  • select all pdf documents (which build up the merge note)
  • open (in OSX, I don't have Windows) with Preview
  • select in preview all separate pdf documents (you can change the order if you want by drag and drop in Preview)
  • print
  • select 'print as PDF' or 'save as PDF'
  • you're done



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