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(Archived) Feature Suggestion - Create Linked Note from Selection

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Just a quick suggestion for a feature - it would be very nice if there was some command such as "Create Linked Note", which would take the selected text and create a new note with the selected title. This would greatly streamline things like creating lists/outlines in Evernote.

In an ideal world, it would also let you know if there was an existing note and ask if you wanted to link to it (or even more ideally, would let you autocomplete with an existing note's name).


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Hi Groot, and welcome to the forums :)

I like the idea, and it is something that wonderful personal wiki programs like VoodooPad (OSX) have done really well.

The problem I see with it is that Evernote (unlike many other programs) can have multiple notes with the exact same title. In fact, if you have been really lazy, you might have hundreds or thousands of "Untitled Note" notes floating about. I am not sure if it could automatically recognized a title (a feature I love in other programs).

However, it seems to me that you could indicate that a selected passage ought to be made the title of a new note. I could see that being quite convenient.

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Yup, Voodoopad was my inspiration for that workflow (as well as other wikis).

Good point on the notes-can-have-same-titles issue, hadn't thought of that. But yeah, the basic functionality should still work I would think (and presumably pretty simple to implement), and enables a lot of useful activities.

And thanks for the welcome. Good to be here! :)

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