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(Archived) Attributes on Mac - Nonexistent?



I've done a few searches, but can't seem to find a concrete answer.

I'm running EN 3.0.6 on Mac OSC Lion. I emailed a mail item from Apple Mail to my EN Notebook and the item came into the proper notebook and everything just fine. However, I suppose I was expecting that there would be an attribute set indicating that it was mailed to Evernote, yet when I click on that attribute on the left sidebar, nothing is there.

Are attributes, as a whole, operational? There's almost NO mention of them in the MAC User Guide. and the only concrete response here in the forums seems to revolve around searching by dates and that it's been broken for quite a long time.

What's the official scoop on attributes in the Mac version and is there a guide? If they aren't there, why not? Will they be included?


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hi kkathman.

here is the official scoop: "Attributes: Attributes are auto-generated information about notes. These include creation dates; note contents, such as file attachments and to-do checkboxes; and information on the source of the note –whether it was emailed in or clipped from the web."


in the MacGuide you mentioned, page 31 has most of the information on attributes. The reason people keep talking about searching in relation to attributes, is because that is what they are for :)


when you create a note, there are two sections: the header at the top with your title, and the body at the bottom with the content you enter. if you click on the "i" icon in the upper right hand corner of the page, you will get a popover showing lots of information. Since many people have attachments, let's start with that "attribute", or characteristic.

Clicking on the attributes in the panel on the left-hand side of your screen, contains -> attachment will bring up all of the notes you have that contain attachments. Clicking on the "i" will give you information about those attachments, such as whether they have been indexed by Evernote or not.

Returning to your original case of the email, it originated from an email account, so you can go to the attributes, and with source -> emailed to evernote, see everything you have emailed to evernote. the email you sent should be there. click on the "i" and you can see other attributes such as the created date and so forth. for a complete list of attributes and ways to use them in the search in order to filter your notes, see this link:


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One problem with searching for Attributes is that some Attributes are NOT shown anywhere for a given Note.

The Note Info popover displays some, but not all Attributes.

So this makes it a challenge to develop Searches that use Attributes.

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yes. that is true. it would be really wonderful if we could see everything displayed similar to the way that email programs do with a way to hide / show (or display) details (or header information). but, now there is a popover and it only shows partial information.

also, to be honest, i find i rarely use the attributes panel in the interface. i made a note with all of the search grammar in it and just pull that up if i want to use attributes that i haven't already memorized through heavy use. if the op is interested, an exhaustive list of search grammar (including the attributes, of course) can be found in a technical document at


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