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(Archived) Can I search for files I've encrypted?


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I save these types of search terms in an Evernote note.

However, if you forget the search term, there is a built-in method:

In the Left Panel



>Encrypted Text

It's kind of fun to play around with the different options (images, to-do, PDF, etc) to see what pops up.


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this only applies to files encrypted using evernote. pdfs that you have encrypted with adobe, for example, will not appear.

I know how to encrypt a block of text in a note, but not an attached file.

I didn't know that Evernote could encrypt files.

How is this done.

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OP is talking about the Evernote facility for encrypting a portion of the text in their note.

Anyone can encrypt, via a third-party application, an attachment to a note. Evernote will not know that it's encrypted, or be able to do anything with it except carry it along, and hand it off to the underlying operating system if there's an association for the extension used by the encrypted attachment. You should be able to search for attachments with that extension and/or MIME type.

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