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(Archived) Deleting My Account

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I need help deleting my library and all my notes completely.

I have moved on to another service and as such I would kindly like to not leave any traces of personal data on Evernote.

There is over 4K of items on Evernote and syncing with the desktop client always results in a crash even after trying for several hours.

I have no way but to remove my notes from the web end but doing it one by one is not a solution.

Please help.

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hi. i would contact support. i have several gigabytes and 5000+ notes in evernote, and i have no trouble syncing with the desktop client. it sounds to me like something is wrong if you are suffering from crashes. make sure you have exported everything and saved a backup of the database just in case before deleting information. once you get this syncing problem out of the way, the process is simple. You'll select everything, put it in the trash, and then empty the trash. To delete your account (meaning, to completely get rid of note history, your username, etc.) you'll need to contact evernote directly and request it.

Can I ask what note service you are using now?

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I am using Springpad because of the alert / reminder system. I do miss Evernotes features like having a dedicated desktop client, easy any file saving function, powerful search, better bookmarking system, etc - but I just find that Springpad helped me stay more organized and productive.

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I'm assuming you've already made the jump to SP and all your data is safe, so...

Looks like you have two Evernote accounts and two separate requests, one which was closed (tied to this forum email account) because of a duplicate ticket request, and another, which you should have received a response on 2/8. In that response the tech identified the fastest way to delete your info is by deleting notebooks, thus clearing out your account. Unless you have notebooks corresponding to those 4K of notes, this would be the easiest and fastest way to clear out your account.

To deactivate your Evernote account, log in to Evernote Web and click the "Deactivate Account" link in the Settings area. You'll need to confirm the deactivation on the next page. Note that Evernote doesn't automatically delete notes when an account is deactivated and you will not be able to create a new account using the same email address. Unless you've previously removed all of your notes, deactivation does not remove your notes for you.

If for whatever reason you want to reactivate an inactive account, just login at evernote.com using the inactive username and password, then follow the instructions.

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Thanks for the reply, yes I did get the email correspondence but unfortunately the only notebook I have left is the default one and there is where all my notes resides. Deleting notes do not also delete tags, and this where my problem lies because of the amount of tags I have on my account, I am unable to sync successfully. There is nothing I can do from the web end except to delete the tags one by one as it slowly gets repopulated effectively crashing the page or renders it un-useable. I really wish there was a one button delete like most other services and if I do plan to return I can always recreate the username or create a new one. I really need some backend help here because I can't do anything from my side.

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