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(Archived) Can I Use A Pen With iPad & Skitch


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Hi All,

I have installed Skitch on the iPad and it seems a great tool, but at this moment I don't have a pen for the iPad.

If I get one, will I be able to 'hand write' on the iPad using Skitch?

Thanks for your help.



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If by "pen", you mean a stylus, yes. A capacitive stylus does everything you can do now but with a bit more precision. Be sure you get a capacitive one. However, IME, they do not have a fine point, like pens or regular styli.

That is correct, by the way that they work, the contact patch has to be relatively large to complete the connection and be registered.

I have a cheap one, which uses a solid rubber tip. I have found that this type leaves marks on the screen and so have added a layer of tape over the end, and it works just the same.

Generally they are either rubber tipped or foam tipped...

If you wanted to test how using a stylus may be, I have a tip.

-Find a metal pen (Since even with a stylus, you are still completing a circuit with your hand, just by extension with the pen) that has a significant sized end to create a contact point.

-Add a layer of tape, to reduce the possibilty of scratching the screen...

-See how using a stylus may work for you...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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