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(Archived) Full-screen problem on MacBook Pro

Jon Shadforth


Mac Book Pro and Evernote both up to date.

1) Switch to full screen.

2) Double click note to edit or view. Note appears but the desktop is immediately switched to another. I can switch back by manually switching desktops (e.g. 4-finger slide with trackpad) but it bounces straight back to the previous desktop.

3) Cmd-tab doesn't work: it doesn't even switch to Evernote, it just remains on existing app and desktop, although the Evernote menu is active.

4) I managed to make it almost work, but not consistently: on one desktop I brought up a new Finder window. Then when I Cmd-Tab'd to Evernote it worked an let me edit. This is not always repeatable.

Don't think I've seen this on the iMac.

The problem means I can't use full screen on the Mac Book Pro.

I've rebooted everything and tried again several times.

I'm guessing this has started in the last 2-3 weeks. Possibly after an Evernote update or the last big Apple OS X update.

Any thoughts appreciated.



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Just upgraded to Lion this week and I'm having the same problem. Double click a note and it opens but, I get bounced back to the desktop. Whenever I try to get back to evernote to view the note it bounces me back again! Working in non-fullscreen mode now to avoid this annoying little problem!

Not such a bad thing as the lack of view controls in fullscreen mode make me sad inside ;)

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