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(Archived) Request: Search Grammar/Syntax for Location

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Feature Request: Provide new Search Grammar/Syntax to search on Location

The last update for EN iOS (ver 4.1.8) adds a new feature for Auto-Title (or Predictive Title) which is based on the Location:

  • Note from <location address> in <location city>
  • Example: Note from 123 Main Street in San Francisco

This made me realize that we don't currently have a way to search for this type of Location data.

Problems with Current Search

  1. Search grammar is ONLY for Latitude and Longitude
  2. EN iOS displays "Location" as <city>, <state>
    • EN iOS also gets the address from somewhere, but is only displayed in the Auto-Title

[*]EN Mac displays "Location" as <county>, <state>, <country>

[*]So while the Location is displayed as text (inconsistent across EN clients), the Search is for Long/Lat

[*]But I have NO way to get the Long/Lat for a Note

Most of the time searching for Long/Lat is too specific and hard to remember, even if I could get the data from EN.

Would like to search for fields like <Street>, <city>, <state>, <zip>, <country>

Are these Location metadata fields stored (or could they be stored) somewhere in Evernote so we could search on them?

Here are some thoughts/ideas on how this might work -- just to get the discussion going:

  • Make the Location field be the full text of Street Address, City, State, Zip, Country
  • Create Location subfields for each of the above
  • Search Examples:
    • Location:CA <=== finds all notes that have "CA" as a word in Location
    • State:CA <=== finds all notes where the State subfield is "CA"
    • State:CA -City:"San Francisco" <=== finds all notes in State "CA" but EXCLUDES "San Francisco"
    • City:"San Francisco" Street:Market <=== finds all notes in San Francisco on Market street

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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