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(Archived) Evernote @ Wine: will functionality improve?

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I've installed Evernote in Wine (Ubuntu 8.04). Basically it works ok: Reasonably fast and pretty stable. Even the Clipping Panel works fine! There is however one major issue: it's hardly possible to use it for anything else than text. It's not possible to drag images, sounds, video's or anything into a note, which I understand. The problem is that there seems to be no other way to add an image to a note from the GUI other than dragging.

Is there any chance that you would add certain functions to improve Win compatibility?

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We aren't doing anything to specifically prevent Wine from working, but we also don't have the resources to actively support and maintain Wine features across different Linux builds.

We will soon be opening up our network APIs for third-party developers, however, and we would love to see a Linux app that talked directly to Evernote.

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