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REQUEST: Sort & collapse lists



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I second this.

Note that this is not a "can it do it now", but rather a feature request/suggestion.

The ability to collapse/expand both numbered lists and bullet lists is very powerful.

Also, the ability to have columns/tag associated with them to enable task management, i.e. priority, status, effort/difficulty etc.

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I agree.  I am in the process of changing my notes app from gTasks to Evernote and just discovered that lists (content beneath a title) cannot be concealed like other outlining apps.  I am surprised Evernote does not have this feature.

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+1 on this request!


I have to use Google Sheets with a manually created sort button to keep lists sorted (ugh). Can't Evernote do better than that? 


I'm a deeply committed Evernote user (paying, have the Fuji scanner, about 4k notes, I develop using the API, etc.) and yet I end up using Workflowy for many areas of research because collapse/expand just makes more sense for them.

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