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(Archived) New Evernote user hoping for tips / advice

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Hi all,

I am new to Evernote. Currently have it installed on my PC with clipper and on my iPad. Currently I have been maintaining some items I would like to remember in tabbed Excel workbook and I am currently comparing Evernote, Springpad, Wunderlist and a couple of other to do type apps in how they might help me do away with this workbook in a more efficient and easier way. I like what I see in Evernote so far but I'm just not sure I am completely seeing what it can do for me in this respect and I am hoping to solicit the advice of all of you knowledgeable, experienced Evernote users. Currently I have tabs in the workbook (or multiple workbooks) for:

- Product comparisons: I like to research things before I buy. This can be anything from a toaster oven to a security system to a standby generator. Within this sheet I have many different products I am currently comparing. For example - I might label the first cell with 'Security System' and then label column headers across the same row with the make / model of each item I am comparing. The next 10 rows (in the first column under 'Security System' would be labeled with different features, price, vendor, warranty etc I am comparing. I then just fill in the cells for each system or item I am looking at.

- Music tracks I would like to get - with columns for artist, song, album, where available (is it available on emusic for example) and note. Further down the same sheet I simply list favorite artists that I tend to like to track regardless of track.

- Shop list - this is essentially a list of specific items I would like to purchase - already identified with make, model, price, vendor etc

- Personal to do list - this is a simple list of things I'd like to get down but never seem to have the time for

- House / home project list - larger projects including what I would need for the project, some items may be identified with make / model while others may be more general.

- Sell list: list of items I would like to sell on eBay, Craigslist etc along with pertinent details on each

- Home maintenance list: this tab covers things that should be done regularly in my house, items like furnace filter changing, water filter replacement, A/C service including dates of last, make / model of item needed (filter) along with place of purchase and last price etc.

- Stock tips including date received, source, stock price at time of tip, target etc

- Software & apps I am interested in

- Video games I may be interested in

- Clothing: with this tab I keep track of things I like - a favorite type of jean, shoe, shirt etc along with best size for me, where I can get it etc. I also maintain size and favorite information for my family and others that I might gift.

This about covers it. If I can figure out and easy and efficient way to deal with each of the above I will jump in with both feet. Some are simple lists - so would this mean a notebook with a checklist inside or something else. Can I create a maintenance list with current details and set an alarm for the next need? Product comparisons have me completely stumped. I can always clip a page from the net for each product I would be comparing but that wouldn't give me the side by side I get with my spreadsheet - and sometimes I need to visit multiple sites in order to obtain all of the features for a given make / model.

Thank you all. I really like what I see from Evernote so far. I'd really like it to be 'the one' but I need some help getting there. I'd also like to pickup and use the SnapScan to clean out my filing cabinets and go as paperless as possible.

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Well, I'm sure you're about to get a lot of more detailed answers, but just looking at this, I'd set Evernote up in the following way:

Create a new notebook for each of those tabs (Clothing, Video Games, Software/Apps, Stock Tips, Home Maintenance List, Sell List, House/Home, Personal, Shopping, Music, Products).

Intially populate each with your current information (you can create a new note for each line in your Excel sheet, or just cut/paste the whole thing into one note, whichever you find easier).

Install the Evernote Web clippers for your browser of choice.

Install Evernote to your phone, so you can keep track of your to-do list while on the go, and make updates to notes, as well as access all your other products.

Make a note of your Evernote email address, so you can quickly shoot off an email to yourself whenever needed.

Sign up to this service: http://blog.evernote...rvices-you-use/

Set it up so that it notifies you whenever any free music tracks are available, for example, or stocks you're interested in are around the price you want, you'll see its usefulness.

Hook up this: http://www.evernote....ems/shopadvisor to your Shopping type notebooks.

To set up an alarm, enter your initial notes, and then send emails from Evernote to http://www.followupthen.com/ to remind you of the task.

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