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audio recording sample rate - transcribing

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First off, I'm a daily user. Primarily to record what I would call a "voice journal" and I must say I love your project. It really has changed my life and how I work.

Now... it's to the point where I want to transcribe most of my voice journals, into editable text, for blogging purposes. A built in feature for this would be AMAZING, but that withstanding here's a simple idea.

I know you are recording audio at 8000 Hz to keep file size down, totally get it! But, if this was a user setting, I'd be able to record my files at say... 11025 Hz (the minimum sampling rate supported by transpription software such as MacSpeech Scribe) and not have to do a ton of audio conversion in programs such as Audacity just to get them loaded into the transcription software.

Thanks gang, nice work!


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Any update on this guys?  I'm not overly encouraged since this post was 2 years ago. I've got almost the exact same scenario as Jared, and cannot transcribe any of my audio files into Dictate (just upgraded to v4).  A user setting (unless I'm missing something, and there is a way to do it) is needed!


Update - BTW - since I just saw that this was posted under IOS, everything else applies, but I was referring to Evernote OSX (I also use IOS, and know you added the High/Low quality audio - thank you, love it!). What about OSX?  Any way to do this?

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