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HOWTO: Convert a handwritten note to text

chris t


I have scanned some pages of handwritten notes that i need to edit. Evernote has processed them but i see no way to convert to text. I am a premium user -- Any help ?

I have searched through the forums and the trunk and am surprised i was unable to find an easy solution for this.

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Evernote does the character recognition for searching, not exporting.

From the Evernote Knowledgebase:

"Keep in mind that, instead of generating a single match for a given handwritten word, Evernote will generate several possible matches for the word. For example, the word "flat" as written in a JPG might be indexed as "flat", "float" and "fiat"."

"Bear in mind that, even though we're constantly tuning and refining our OCR software, no OCR solution is perfect and there will be words that aren't indexed correctly or at all."

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