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(Archived) Using Evernote with a laptop and a Pre? Read this:

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I had a data loss issue that I'd attributed to a glitch in Evernote's Pre platform. Turns out that it was most likely my Mac Powerbook that was causing the problems.

I discovered that the problematic notes that suffered data loss and wouldn't display the contents/text when opened had an Update date of 1969! I strongly believe that this date came from my Powerbook.

This is the date that Mac PB (& others) defaults to when the battery becomes fully discharged and the backup battery is too tired to retain the date/time. The only thing I can figure is that I had worked within a specific note/notes on my Powerbook after recovering from a complete discharge, but prior to Apple Time resetting the date & time (by getting onto a network).

This made the Update date earlier than the date at which the note was created. Impossible, and therefore likely something that would corrupt a note.

Interestingly, these notes opened fine from my Mac & Windows 7 desktop, but not my Pre. I copied the contents of the corrupted notes, created new notes and pasted the contents into the newly created notes. Then from my Pre, I deleted the corrupt notes. I believe that the data loss came about when I messed with the Pre trying to recover the notes prior to discovering this date issue. I don't know what I did, but I did something that forced all changes to the notes that I'd done from my Mac and my desktop to default back to what the Pre had last synced to. That's all water under the bridge.


All seems to be fine, and I chalk this up to user error & not a glitch in the Pre/EN platform...at least in my case.

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