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(Archived) Feature Request: Notes that Expire

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I'm really enjoying evernote. I use it quite a bit.

I came across a particular feature I would like to suggest..a way to have notes expire.

I love that my notes are available everywhere I am. So a lot of times I put make a note with information I might need later or information I only need at a particular moment. Things like flight information. After the date of the flight, I don't need that note. But unless you take the time to search through for notes that you may not need anymore, that note just sits there. And while it doesn't "cost" anything for it to be there, its clutter that I'd rather not have. I imagine down the road after several years of using evernote, that the database will be unnecessarily large, filled with old notes. Yes I could tag notes with "flight information" and then go through and delete old flights every once in a while, but the idea is not to have to think about it again. And not all notes will fit into a nicely searchable tag that groups them together.

So my suggestion is to add an option to make a note expire on a certain date. Evernote could prompt you that the note has expired and to confirm deletion. This could be made part of the prompt you get warning you about the bandwidth usage when there are notes in the trash.



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I'd like to second the usefulness of an expiration date (notes that automatically expire). I also keep notes with time sensitive dates (e.g. itineraries) - after a certain date, they aren't really needed. I could see having an attribute of "expired" (similar to having a 'completed todos'), but where that attribute is based upon an expiration date that I can add when I create the note.

Most of the time, I would simply have the saved search of "not expired / no expiration date" so I don't have to wade through any of the no-longer relevant notes. However, I wouldn't want them deleted though. Everything stays in my ExtBrain unless I explicitly tell it to go away.

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I recently submitted an email to support requesting something similar.

I generally don't move anything to the Trash because most of the stuff I clip I want to be able to find later, which I consider the primary benefit of using evernote.

But at the same time, a lot of the notes are not immediately useful to me and only clutter up the workspace.

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It would be nice if tools worked for you, and you didn't have to work for your tools...

but it's also very nice when a tool has features that let you hack together your own, custom solutions. i think that's where evernote's tags and saved searches are handy. although the search syntax needs to be beefed up a bit IMHO with stuff like NOT, AND, OR, etc...

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I was just going to post a feature request for the option to expire notes when I thought I should search first and alas, I'm not the only smart cookie that thought this would be useful! Like another said, I don't need to keep some of these notes after a certain day but there they sit anyhow. My workaround has been to tag each note I expect to expire at some point with "temp". I've also thought about using a notebook for these types of notes to access them and clear them out easier. All in all, it would still be VERY helpful to have a feature that is automated and can be customized to each person's way of managing their note lifecycle.

My suggestions would be:

-allow a date to be chosen for when to expire or even chose a time period like (7, 10, 30 days, 3mos, 12mos)

-ability to turn on/off notifications of expiring notes per note setup (sometimes I may want to receive a warning about a note expiring and others I may not care if they autoexpire without me getting a warning)

-ability to set a default setting with "preferred" expire settings if one doesn't want to manually tweak all of the available expiration options, they can easily check a box that says apply my defaults (it would be nice to also have the ability to have a default setting for notes in general where tags, notebook and other note settings could be preset and applied with the ease of a tick)

Once again, this is for management of content lifecycles, I realize we are all getting acustom to working in a cloud and never deleting anything however we still need the ability to scan and find things easily.

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It appears that you're going to get Due Dates in notes at some point. Maybe reminders to go along with them. I don't think that expiring notes would be the Evenote Way -- they are all about keeping every darn thing. :)

Using tags to mark items as temporary is a la mode. When Due Dates arrive, you'll probably be able to search against them, similar to what you can do today with the Created date and the Updated date.


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I've just started tagging them with a new tag I created for just that purpose, as the OP suggested. I tag them "delete" and periodically, I'll review those tasks with that tag and delete those that need it. And no, it's not "automatic", anymore than most things in my life. I'll just do it occasionally when I'm too tired to do something more useful.

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