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(Archived) map view on the desktop clients

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In january 2011 one of the evernote employees explained that they were working on having a map view on the desktop client as they do with iphone (and others). This would interest me greatly as I use it all the time on my iphone. Can anyone tell me how far away they (or you - evernote) are from making this a reality?


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Any news on this topic? I really need this feature as its part on iOS too.

I think mac development is really slowing down—shared notebooks don’t work really well and I’m waiting since years for maps.

So if you don’t post ETAs, why would I wait another too years and extend my premium subscription?



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Evernote does not post ETAs for features.

This hasn't changed, if you aren't happy then you can always go free or look for another app.

I tend to subscribe to a service for what is currently available, not for something the developer may release at some point in the future.

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