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(Archived) HELP: Search ignoring quotes



On the web client I can search for a phrase "requirements documents" and get the expected results.

On my mac it seems to ignore the quotes. Or maybe it's doing the search correctly but highlighting the results weird. Anyone else have this problem?

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I'm on the latest Mac OS X Lion beta and have the same problem. I'm trying to tag untagged items using phrase searches like:

-tag:* "how to"

It's splitting the how and to rather than matching the phrase.

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For me, it's inconsistent. If I search for ["how to"], I get the results you do: any note that contains both "how" and "to," though not necessarily consecutively. If I search [how to], the real applied search grammar is [how* to]. But if I search ["group recommends"], that pulls up the only note in my account with those two words consecutively, while [group recommends] pulls up all notes (25) with both of those words, though not necessarily consecutively. Can anyone explain this?

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