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I don't know if this has been discussed, I have looked around in the forums, but I am an approximate 6 months or so user of evernote and find myself fairly apt to the ins and outs of Evernote, but one thing I am confused on, and maybe it changed to this in the last release, but previously I was able to edit any of my notebooks, or notes regularily no differently as you could on the desktop version. No so now.

Recently I made a new notebook and the editing of the notebook brings up a text editor box and you cannot just type normally and use a bullet or check box and hit return and continue on. The new version doesnt even include any of the justification buttons or the check box anymore, yet if I go into any of my notes I made in the previous version I am able to use those buttons and they show up. Why did this change? I don't see how this has made anything more efficient or of the like. So I can continue editing any of my previous notebooks/notes like I always have been, but when I creat a new notebook I get a text editor and not the same buttons as I get in my other notebooks currently? Makes no sense.


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This is just a faint recollection on my part, but from what I understand, there are two note editors in Evernote for Android,; the choice is based on what kind of content a note contains. I found this post that talks about it somewhat: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23265-evernote-for-android-35-beta-2/page__p__120198__hl__edit__fromsearch__1#entry120198. You can probably find more on the topic by searching on "edit" in the Evernote for Android forum, with "xdelplanque" as author.

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