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(Archived) REQUEST: Editor changes



When I saw the new version 3.0.6, and that there were changes to the note editor, I was hopeful. I just downloaded the new editor. My immediate reaction? Who cares. You didn't make any changes that have a significant impact or reduce frustration.

The couple things that cause the most frustration in the editor screen:

  • If I want to change the font color, a pop-up window opens up. Please do away with this pop-up window. It is not a good feature. Just copy the functionality in this forum editor. Changing the color is a quick drop down selector.
  • If I want to use cross-out text, I need to hit Command-T to open yet another pop-up window. Then another click on the pop-up window to select whether I want single, double, or none. That's a lot of clicks. Simplify! Again, just copy the editor window in this forum. The cross-out text is available right on the editor bar and is an on/off toggle.
  • To-Do bullet. The to-do bullet is just a special character. Make it a bullet type. If I select 5-6 lines of existing text and hit the bullet marker, all the text is indented with a bullet at the beginning. Good. Same if I select the numbered list. But what happens if hit the To-Do button? It replaces all the lines of text with a single check box. NOT Good. Just make the check box act like a bullet when multiple lines of text are selected.

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1. The font/color picker is the system for picker. We're using that for now but we don't like it much either. We certainly didnt spend a whole bunch of time to design and build that from scratch. On our list of hopeful things to do custom work for.

2. This is strike through correct? Also on our list.

3. This has been discussed. Some people use checkboxes within bullets so they'd like them to be separate. Anyways been tossed around as well

Thanks for posting

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@Evernote - thank you for replying. Good to know these are known issues.

@JMichael - I see in your signature a plea to add missing features that are in Win version. Just curious, what are the missing features?

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