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(Archived) Strip rich formatting in iPhone for edit

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Loving the option to edit notes in the iPhone. However, Evernote is pretty strong-willed when creating a note in pushing it into the "Rich formatting" world.

So, you get the only option which is "appending" to the notes in the iPhone app. Maybe you could set it up so that you can click into a note and edit it, striping the rich-formatting off the note and reducing it to plain text?

I have many notes which totally look like plain text (my preferred way of working anyway) but I can't access them to write in the iPhone because a font setting or otherwise has convinced Evernote the note is a rich formatted note, when that was never really my intention.

Just a thought, thanks

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I imported all my notes from plain text files. I just dropped them on to Evernote in the Dock on my Mac. Yet, I get a message on my iPhone to say they can't be edited as they are "styled text". Is there another way to import plain text notes, so that Evernote treats them as plain text, rather than styled text?

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We will be making some changes to the "rules" that the iPhone uses to determine whether it is safe to edit a note with the simple text editor on the phone. This will make it much easier to edit text notes that come from the desktop. This change to the service behavior should go out next Wednesday night.

This will specifically handle the cases you're describing.


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Thanks Dave. I'm loving your product, but the inability to edit any notes that have been determined to have "styled text" makes the program virtually unusable for me on the Iphone. After trying to get my notes to come over in "plain text", one thing that I think is occuring is that the presence of any phone number in my notes is converted to a "dialable" link by the Iphone, which I assume also makes it "styled text". I kind of like the "dialable link" thing that the Iphone does to the note, but I definitely need to be able to edit these notes from the Iphone.

Thanks again for your continued work on this.

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The new update is great. I can now edit most of my text notes that were previously deemed to be "Styled Text" by the Iphone application. Now text notes with phone numbers are still "dialable" links in the Iphone application but now I can edit any of the text in the note (including the phone number). Everything appears as plain text when I press the Edit button. Thanks again for adding this important functionality.

The only thing that I noticed that has not been resolved by this software update is text that is recognized as either a web address or an email address. Anything in my text notes that meets these format criteria is displayed as a link by the Iphone. When I go to edit anything on that note, I still get the old message telling me that I can not edit a note with "styled text". So, if this could be included in a future fix, that would be great.

Thanks again for the quick attention to these issues. I'm loving the product.

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