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(Archived) (Archived) Why does evernote stick to the color of green?


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Evernote is indispensable for my life. And I am generally satisfied with this app.

But one thing that I am sometimes annoying is the green color of the widget.

I enjoy changing wallpapers every two or three days. The customization of the wallpaer

is a kind of a hobby for my android life. The color of green is very nice,and I like it,but

when it comes to customization of wallpapers,it becomes very limited by this color.

So,I don't use this widget of my prime home,but second.

I really hope that I'll be able to customize the color of this app,at least the widget.


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i don't have an android anymore, and wouldn't customize it if i did, but it seems like an interesting idea. do any other apps allow this kimd of customization? from a marketing perspective, i'd want to maintain my brand's identity with the green and elephant, but if the customization is expected among users, that is another matter.

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I completely agree with OrganisedSid. I carefully selecte the widgets

(most of them offering some transparency option) that they match the

concept of my beautiful home screen.

Unfortunately, I must skip Evernote widget, because I find it too aggressive.

I would appreciate tremendously if Evernote would also offer more styling

options with their widget.

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