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(Archived) Link phone & email to tasks

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I love Evernote, first & foremost; however, it seems as though it's missing something that many other note-capturing systems have (though, many of them don't have the flexibility of Evernote, which is why I use it): the ability to link your phone/email to your tasks or specific notes.

I'd love to link my phone # & email address to my account, and then select to have specific tasks (within a note) or an entire note itself be emailed/texted to me at a specific time/date (in other words, it would add a much needed, easy-to-use reminder system to Evernote). I'm thinking in terms of the web version of Google Calendar, which does much the same thing as I'm describing, and does it flawlessly.

If this were placed into Evernote, not only would I have a reminder-system in place for my notes; but I'd also be able to use one continuous note (or notes) as my task/to-do-list (and I'd have it on all devices I have Evernote). Once again, Evernote would reign supreme in flexibility.

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