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(Archived) Bug: icon for audio is visible


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While driving I recorded 2 or 3 audio notes into a single EN note.

I played them on my Android device and Windows PC.

Later I transscribted them and deleted the audio recordings from the note.

On windows all is fine.

On Android the note itself is fine too, meaning: when the note is shown or in edit mode, no visual trace of audio recording.

But in the list of all notes this specific note shows an icon on the right side that represents a speaker.

It doesn't effect the functionality of EN, but is a visual bug.

PS: Since I can't take screenshots I couldn't attach a picture, sorry.

Edit 2/5: On windows the note shows up when I use "Files" button in the favorites bar. Even though there is nothing visible in the note itself. I guess it still has some flag that didn't got removed when I deleted the audio recordings.

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