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(Archived) salvaging local notebooks from a dead computer?



Does anyone know if there's a way to salvage local notes but not in the standard way of export>import?

- Unfortunately my G5 Mac has died suddenly and I had some local Notebooks on there which I didn't have a chance to backup (export), but I do have a complete Time Machine backup of the HD including Evernote. Although I can't run my previous Evernote from this backup, I can access the files in the User > Library > Application Data > Evernote folder, and there's a folder within this named 'Content' which has more folders within containing each Note as html file etc.

I'd like to know if it's possible to copy these files to Evernote on my new machine and my old Local Notebooks magically reappear?! - I guess this would mean copying the .sql file too... well everything.

If anyone out there has done anything like this, as I'm approaching with caution not to ruin my fresh install.


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Not an answer to your query, but a couple of parallel suggestions -

  • before you mess with the content, why not backup (copy) your backup file(s) - just in case something does go wrong.
  • have a look at your former pride-and-joy's hard drive - unless you had a disk crash you may be able to read the content in an external drive dock; again a useful backup:backup in case something goes wrong with your reinstall.
  • before you mess with your new installation, get a backup of that so you can reset to zero if necessary
  • before you start restoring, make sure your internet conection is disabled - you don't want a mistakenly damaged main database being backed up to Evernote

Good luck!

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