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(Archived) HELP: Intitle search with Mac not working?



I have been using Evernote for two years now, and am putting more and more into it, and it is becoming a very trusted part of my daily routine. The ability to get that information back out when I need it is critical. Generally, a regular search works.

I tried an in-title search on a folder, looking for a specific two-word phrase. The phrase occurs in-title 5 times in this notebook. When using the Mac client, it only returns 2 instances. I switched to the web-based version, and it returns all 5 instances using the same search.

Recently, I also found that the "-" operator does not work in the Mac client, but does in Windows, web-based, and IOS.

Is anyone else finding rather quirky search behavior with the Mac? I hate to just use the web-based client, as it is a bit slower, but it seems that I must for reliable searches.

Don't get me wrong… this is a great product! I signed up for premium within a month of beginning use, and have no intentions of leaving. I just need to know that I can find the information. With over 3000 notes (and growing), it is just a mash of information without solid, strong search features.



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It seems to be working correctly for me. If you could provide more detail about the searches (copy and paste what you used) and more detail about the titles of notes that appear (copy and paste what you found) then I could test it on my computer. I actually just happened to start a thread about broken search stuff, so it would be nice to include this in there if it is broken.

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