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(Archived) Kindle Clipping Limit



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IDK but it would probably require something along the lines of jailbreaking/rooting the device or removing DRM from the ebook.

From Bufo Calvin, who's very knowledgable about Kindles and author of the "I love my Kindle" blog...

"Books have a clipping limit, to discourage people from distributing the entire book to other people. My understanding is that they are generally 5 or 10%, but they can be set to any amount (you may find public domain books that are 100%). As you discovered, you can still highlight when you reach that limit, but they don't "clip""


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oh. that clipping limit. i thought it was how many clipped sections you could email.

/grumpy rant on/

i guess this is one more reason to despise the current "rental" system. you don't buy kindle books, you rent them for an exorbitant fee. you can't copy them, sell them, lend them (except under very strict guidelines), rent them to someone else, gift them, pass them on to your children, or (apparently) clip from them. this is all stuff you can do with a physical book.

i accept this anti-intellectual data regime, and still purchase (rent) kindle books regularly, but not anywhere near the numbers i would like. i read about a book a day, so i really cannot imagine paying so much to rent them all. thank goodness for the (disappearing) library! the kindle and ebooks are so wonderful, but somewhere along the way things got so messed up. it's like the days before netflix and hulu, when i spent 3 or 4 dollars to watch each and every movie / bundle of tv episodes :)

/grumpy rant off/

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