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(Archived) Mac full screen - no options to change sort?



Why does the full screen appearance of Evernote on the Mac not have anyway to toggle options like sort by date created, title, date updated. Or is it just hidden in a way not consistent with where it is in a pop down triangle like the non full screen version?

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We currently use whatever you were in before you entered FullScreen mode. This has been brought up before so it is on our radar. Can I ask how often you use fullscreen mode and what you use it for? Would love to hear how it is used by Evernoters

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I always try to use full screen, just because I don't want Evernote to clutter up my screen that I'm working in. But I keep Evernote open most of the time, anyway, just in its own full screen desk.

There are a couple of problems, though:

- sometimes, you can't get away from the Evernote full screen (I want to go to another application, but the screen keeps jumping back)

- sometimes when Evernote is in full screen, I have to wipe my way to the Evernote screen (usually it's enough to just click on the icon in the dock to jump there, but whenever I click on Evernote, it's not jumping to)

- sometimes a note opens in a different screen than where Evernote is running in full screen mode

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We currently use whatever you were in before you entered FullScreen mode.

That's not what I experience. I'm running Evernote 3.0.6 on OS X 10.7.2, and it doesn't matter what view I've selected in window mode, because when I switch to full screen I get a thumbnail view. I've attached a screenshot (annotated with Skitch, naturally), to show what happens.

I would prefer to use Evernote in full screen because, well, just because. As I've started to use full screen mode more frequently on various apps, I've grown to appreciate how much more real estate it provides, which is especially nice on multi-pane apps like Evernote (and iTunes, Xcode, Reeder). It also serves as a sort of "focus mode" because it removes all outside visual noise, including any status alerts in my menu bar.


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Yes, I knew that (only view option in Full screen). What about the problems I mentioned? Sometimes I can't get away from Evernote because the screen jumps back to it. I can't work in, say, Outlook because the screen jumps away from it.

I tried again and I found that I can wipe away from Evernote full screen to the right side (higher screen numbers), but not to the left side (even if screen #1 should be to the left of it). I wipe with 4 fingers. What am I doing wrong?

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I would love to see the other view options in full screen mode. On a 13 inch laptop, I'm loving Lion's native full screen mode (and gestures for switching apps quickly). If an app supports it, I almost always run it in fullscreen and use fast app switching commands like multi-touch or keyboard shortcuts.

The snippet view is by far my favorite, but I'm stuck with thumbnails that open in oddly sized secondary windows. I'd love to either keep everything in one full screen window with snippet view, or have the note open in a mail style slide-up.

And idea if other view options will make it to fullscreen mode?

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