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(Archived) HELP: Notebooks missing in "Notebooks" column



Two of my notebooks are not showing in the NOTEBOOKS column. These are the last two in alphabetical order. I have scrolled down, but they are not there. The notebooks are shown in the drop down menus on the left and right of the page.

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I might be about to ask a dumb question, but which one are you calling the notebooks column? The left column that includes Trash?

There's also the favorites bar that has a popover and lets you search through your different notebooks. There's also the popup inside an individual note for changing the notebook of that note.

Also, how many notebooks do you have?


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There is a tab labeled "Account" on the left. Right beneath is is a menu labeled "NOTEBOOKS." That is what I am referring to.

I have 24 notebooks.

Anyway, I just "fixed" this by closing the NOTEBOOKS tab and reopening it. Now all my notebooks are showing again. Also, the Trash icon is back.

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I see. If you manage to rename or remove notebooks without using the notebook column, sometimes it will take a while for it to refresh. Opening and closing is a good trick

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