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(Archived) Change Default Notebook Outlook "Add to Evernote 4"


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When I click the "Add to Evernote 4" button in my Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 I get a dialog box with a default notebook selected as the target for the clip. I can change the target notebook from the pull down, but what I want to do is change the notebook that comes up in the default position on the dialog box.

For example, I press the Add to Evernote 4 button and the dialog box appears., At the bottom of the dialog box the notebook "Dave's Notebook" is pre-selected. I want the notebook "Actions Pending" to be pre-selected. How can I accomplish this?

My Evernote default notebook, by the way, is "Actions Pending."

Disabling the Evernote.Outlook add-in under the Com Add-Ins dialog box of the Trus Center and re-enabling it after an Outlook shut down and restart does not reset the dialog box default to my Evernote default notebook, nor does stopping and restarting Evernote.



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