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(Archived) Safari context menu "Clip full page to Evernote" help



Im using the context menu (prob same with safari extension button).

The problem is that some pages are clipped in full and the formatting etc is as required/expected - it is a 'copy' of the webpage - great!

Other times the SAME page comes back with formatting missing, alignment off etc etc - looks crappy.

I think its to do with plugins, java or flash etc - which is ok and im happy to tweak stuff - but HOW can i get it to format it CORRECTLY everytime.

I was in coffee shop clipping pages to evernote and they were clipping perfectly. Then i get home and the same/similiar pages start messing up when clipped in full. I remember blocking something with Little Snitch at the coffee shop that probably helped get the format right but i didnt see what it was and can't find what it was in Little Snitch now to turn it off again.

Anyone know why this is? Thanks for help.

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Can anyone help me with this?

Or provide a link with some info on how the clipper works ie why does it strip the framework out of some pages and not others?

Does it by default strip anything? Or is it something, an extension or adblocker, have installed that is doing it?


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