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Evernote and AppCubby Launch Center - app URLs?

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App Cubby has a useful app that I just discovered. This app is called Launch Center. It allows you to create two-tap shortcuts that enable you to do common tasks on your iPhone a bit faster. One tap opens Launch Center; the next tap executes your pre-defined action. For example, you can use Launch Center to go straight to the OmniFocus for iOS Create New Task screen:


In Launch Center tap Add New Launch

Tap Launch Website/App

Enter a title of your choosing.

For the URL field type: omnifocus:///add

Tap done.

My question is whether Evernote has an app URL like OmniFocus does which would take me straight to the "Create New Note" screen, thus bypassing the default "All Notebooks" screen. Having a URL like that might enable faster note creation.

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I really want this feature too.

In the meantime, there's a really simple app called "Draftpad" that basically launches a notepad where you can type your note then save it directly to your evernote account. Pretty handy, and it works similar to what I imagine a Launch Center solution would look like.

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I too would like an evernote://newnote, evernote://newpicture, evernote://newvideo, evernote://newaudio, etc... type URL support (actual syntax is up to you). Launch Center Pro users would very much like this, but Safari users could create bookmarks that are stored as app icons as well. So this feature would have more use than just Launch Center Pro users.

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Launch Center Pro has groups now too, one could create a whole screen of Evernote actions for creating and searching.

If Omnigrouo can do this...


I'd love to see a URL scheme added to the iOS app.

If the developers are reading this then the docs to implement are here: http://appcubby.com/urls/

If Evernote Corp. have considered this but can't/won't implement in the core iOS apps then maybe a resourceful dev can use the Evernote APIs to make something that does the job?

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It's an interesting looking app, but I do not have it. I don't want to move away from the current discussion about integration with Launch Center (hopefully someone will do this), but if your goal is to create a note as quickly as possible, then I'd recommend taking a look at FasterEver in the Evernote trunk. I'm not sure if you could get any faster than it, and as an added bonus, it has a few features that Evernote hasn't yet included in its app.


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I posted on nickso's new thread, but does anyone have an update on this?  Would like to be able to automate several things with a LCP URL (such as launching to a specific folder).

Hi Lindend, I responded to your post on the other thread. Hopefully others will post as well.

I know with the new update of Launch Center and the new iPad version have new functions and many more apps are now supported.


It would be great to have this functionality with Evernote, but then again it would be nice to have any response from Evernote.

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