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(Archived) Feature request: Widget options


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Hi everyone!

I love Evernote and it is the single most used app on my Nexus S. I have a feature request for the 4x2 widget to make Evernote even more awesome :)

Currently the 4x2 widget displays recently accessed notes. However, I believe a little flexibility would help a lot of power users.

Firstly, there should be an option to select which notebook appears in the widget. Currently it displays "all notes" but I would prefer to only have notes from my notebook called "Scrapbook" and not from other notebooks such as "Diary" etc.

Secondly, there should be an option to pin notes to the widget. The pinned notes would appear first followed by other notes in a chronological, recently opened, or alphabetical order (as selected by user).

I hope these are relatively easy features to implement that would be appreciated by many Android users!

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