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(Archived) Please add a sync-button in note-view

Guest mrossk

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I use evernote to make notes for our meetings. Just before a meeting I write/update the note in the evernote windows-client and take it with me on my android-phone to the meeting-room.

But currently the following happens: I open this note via a shortcut on my android-desktop. I see that the content has not been synced so fast. So I have to...

- close the note

- start the evernote-program (on android)

- start a sync

- close evernote

- reopen the note via shortcut

Many steps to only update a note. I have done this steps very often now.

I have just seen that evernote on iphone has a sync-button in note-view. I woud really like to have this on android too. Maybe only in read-mode, this woud be enough.



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