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Gadget (widget) for Lotus Notes 8.5?

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Greetings, I'm running Lotus Notes 8.5 on Windows. There is a feature which allows you to use widgets with Notes and if possible I'd like to find an Evernote widget/gadget so I can quickly send messages (emails) from Notes into EN. I'm going an an IBM board to try to find a widget catalog but has anyone else integrated an EN widget with Notes 8.5? Thanks

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I have the same need. I want to create an EN note from a Lotus Notes email. The reason that forwarding it to my EN email address doesn't meet the need is security. At least sometimes, the email is a company email and it needs to stay within the company email infrastructure and can't just be sent out to an outside email address (even one of mine). My intention is to copy the email to a LOCAL EN database. I have found that putting my EN database on a portable hard drive and taking it from computer to computer works fine. I do lose the ability to access those EN notes from my mobile or the web, but it's still good, and it meets corporate policy. 


So, anyone developed maybe a Lotus Notes script to create an EN Note from one (or multiple) emails, just like the Outlook add-in does? 



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