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Would this ETC Prize Winning Application help you at all?


I took a look at this app over the weekend. It looks very cool & possbily helpful to those of us who use Evernote so much that we often are jumping between searches we're using while multi tasking between projects. (Made a change on project A, emailed the user, waiting for feedback from the user. Switch to Project B, then receive feedback from user for Project A. Revert back to Project A. Then life happens & an unexpected Project C becomes a high priority as well...)

However, I can't seem to use it. I've tried it on two different computers. I even rebooted one & tried again, since I leave my computers on 24/7 & often have a lot of apps open at any given time. It will show the main desk. But when I try to use the search box for a particular note, it hangs up my browser & I end up having to stop it in task manager. (IIRC, I don't even get to the point where I type in a search - I just click into the search box...hang...) One time, I opened the tag list & it extended well above the top of the screen & I couldn't figure out how to close it. So I'm wondering, does this app scale well? IOW, is it unusual to have these issues if you have, say, 46,221 notes?

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The cutoff is 45,997 notes. Sorry BNF. You are out of luck :)

Seriously? (My husband is the king of satire. This sounds like something he may say, with a seemingly random number!) If true, I'm bummed. (And thanks for letting me know.)

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I could be misinterpreting, but I took GM to mean he was joking about the number b/c both of his posts (including the "try it & see") are very similar to something my husband may have posted in this thread. IOW, popping up a seemingly randon number that is just shy of the number I posted (which was my actual number of online notes at one point this morning.) I'm not sure I'm explaining this well. Possibly one of those things you just have to experience live.

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