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(Archived) Notes in more than one notebook

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It would be great if I could put a note in more than one notebook. This would make organizing notes a lot more flexible. For example I categorize my notes in different notebooks for different subjects/projects. Some notes overlap categories so it would be nice to have it two notebooks.

Even better, it would also allow me to create notebooks such as "Important stuff" and "Today's work" and place different notes there, without removing them from the categorized notebooks.

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I could create by own favorites notebook, but then my notes would not appear in my categorized notebooks. Alternately, allowing a note to be in more than one notebook might be an ever better way to accomplish this.

Tags will do exactly what you want on this front. Add a "Favorites" tag and apply it to all your favorite notes. If you want that tag permanently at the top of your tag list, title it something like "!Favorites," "*Favorites," or "_Favorites."

As to the automation of a "Recent notes" tag or notebook, do you mean recently viewed or recently modified notes? You can already see your most recently modified notes by viewing "Notes by Date Updated." If you want automatic grouping together of your recently viewed notes, my guess is that will not happen, since I don't believe Evernote keeps data on the notes you view but do not edit. If I'm wrong about that, though, Evernote staff can correct the record.

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For favorite notes:

Tag the favorite notes with Fav

Then search for tag:Fav

For recent notes Created (since):

Search for appropriate time frame

today = created:day

yesterday = created:day-1

this week = created:week (since Sunday)

last week = created:week-1 (Since last Sunday)

this month = created:month

last month = created:month-1

Or combine to find favorites created since the last month

tag:Fav created:month-1

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