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(Archived) camscanner pdfs not searchable in evernote?


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I'm a premium user, and use camscanner on my droid 3 to upload receipts to evernote. That's working fine, but the receipts aren't searchable/OCR'd, which loses a lot of functionality for me (I'd like the ability to search for line items in the receipts).

Receipts are Lowes/ Home depot etc, pretty clear to me, can imagine the OCR engine has any problem with them.

Does anyone have any idea how to make these pdfs searchable?


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I have the same problem. If I upload scans as images (jpg), OCR works, but for PDFs it doesn't. This would be really useful for scanning multi-page stuff, but doesn't work.

Pulled a trouble ticket, and got the singular worst support email I've gotten - a cut and paste from the FAQ on pdfs. Seriously???!!! Premium means saving a click??!

Did they send you this link?


Have you asked them on which condition in this article your pdf is rejected from being OCR'd?


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I have a related problem with camscanner and EN. I do not want camscanner to upload to EN as a PDF but as a jpg embedded in the note itself.

Do you know how to make camscanner upload not automatically as a PDF but as a jpg?

My first few uploads worked perfectly, so I could see the image that I was uploading into EN as a picture, but then it started to upload as a PDF attachment. Not sure why. I cannot see any setting to prevent the image in camscanner being converted to PDF.


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Any updates on this issue from anyone?

I do face a similar problem sometimes. The "indexed" icon which is supposed to turn green once the pdf/image is made searchable is always grey for a pdf which is not previously indexed(OCRed) before i.e. when the pdf doesn't contain any selectable text. However when an images are uploaded it does turn green and is searchable.

Though for the pdf it is greyed out it is still searchable but my Windows client never highlights the particular search term in the pdf when I use the global search.

If I right-click the pdf if it as been indexed and made searchable there is an option "Save as searchable PDF" which I can click and save. I can open up that file and see what Evernote as indexed for that pdf. So it seems the pdf is indexed but it never highlights the search term.

Anyone can throw me some light?

Do you know how to make camscanner upload not automatically as a PDF but as a jpg?

You have to click the share button when that particular image which you want to upload is opened so it'll upload as an image. Don't click the share button when the document is open.

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